Saturday, February 08, 2014

Memory Full - Force Stop

Today, i am experiencing a state of "memory full" in my laptop. it can not work properly. system error, can't save files, etc. Doing "force stop" doesn't help either, later i found out that 4GB RAM are all used. I don't know how to solve this. 

I assume there are at least 2 ways to fix it.

1. Erase all stuff that i no longer use, including files, pictures, applications, etc

or / and

2. Add more 4GB RAM (max capacity that my laptop can take) 

Now i start to think, it is kinda same with i am feeling right now. I think my heart is "memory full", it can not work properly. can not love well, seize life well, malfunctioning.
Doing force stop to certain feeling that i don't want to feel is not working too. You just can NOT "force stop" feelings. It is same with certain applications in computer that you just can't stop because you are using it - understand? 

At first, i don't understand, why i can't stop it all. but then i realized, because i am using it, you can not stop things that you need, even though you might not realized that you need it. Just like those certain applications that you just can't "force stop".

So, for myself i assume that i need to:

1. Erase all my feelings that i should not and can not have

or / and

2. Accept all my feelings bitter or sweet by expanding my heart capacity

Maybe, computer and human are not so different after all.

Peace Take Care Good Luck

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