Thursday, January 08, 2015

Almost 3.0

It is two more days before me version 3.0. I think i  need to write down something for myself, maybe as a reminder or a reflection what i have been through so far.

Maybe people see my life as a picture perfect life as a happy mom with adorable son and having and living a good life.

God will be mad at me if i dont be grateful for what i have. I do feel blessed with everything i have.

But i am a mere human. And as we all know there is no such thing call "perfect" in this world. I did regret some things, questioning lots of things, why this and why that and so on. To be truthfully honest my life today is waaaayyyy different with what i had in my mind in my early twenties. At first i felt that things were falling apart but in my late twenties i realised that things are not falling apart, it is falling into places. Places where it should be.

When i took a glance on my past by looking on my present, if i think with my heart i will always questioning lots lots lots oh things but if ..... to be continued my toddler is crying .....  but if i think with my logic it is all make sense.

Highlight on my twenties

Cant describe how much awesome moments and experiences that i have in my twenties. Major highlights are worked as trainee associate in a lawfirm, watched loads of concerts gigs live musics, studied aboard, Farid Iskandar, Married, delivered Arsakha to this world... Being a mom is definitely the MAJ!

One thing that i need to remember is :

what happened in your teen, twenties it will have impact on your life no matter how long it is.. it can be 10 year ago, 2 year ago or 15 years ago. When there was a situation where feeling get involved you just cant easily wipe it away. It will be part of your journey, you might not understand why certain things happened to you and why it sticks for so long until everything fall into places and finally you get it.

If i could send mesagge to all my child and grandchild and grandgrandgrandchild and so on :

"Please be careful with every decision that you make in your life, you might not know what it will bring to you and your heart. You have to be strong to face impacts and consequences from your decisions. If you do not have a strong heart to face it better ask and pray to God for help and peacefulness." *e080115

Erma ver 2.9

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