Sunday, December 01, 2013

Pacaran Beda Agama - 2

This post is a continuation of my previous post Pacaran Beda Agama - 1.

Long story short, I decided not to marry the person -that at that time i thought that i loved him and he loved me and all lovey dovey thingy, soulmate and everything that you can imagine-. Even though he asked me to marry him.

The reason is we have differences. Which some couples can easily solve but not for us -okay, for me especially-.

Why? Because at some point i realized that i do NOT believe in love. Love can fade and change, i just can not predict when and why. And i can NOT put love as a base foundation of my marriage because it is fragile, most of all because i do not believe in love.

People mind tends to think what they want to believe. At that time I thought that we were in love, so did most of our friends. But i might be wrong, right. 

The reality is not long after we officially decide to separate, he found someone new. The good thing was when i heard about it from my friend, i have met my future husband and have set a marriage date. The truth is i do really want him to find someone new, just never imagined that it felt quite weird. 

This year, i have attended lots of inter-religion weddings. These couples have managed to solve their differences and i do believe that they have reasons which we (other people) need to respect. I am not going to judge anyone based on their preferences on marriage. Everyone has right to choose. 

Yesterday i went to a wedding. No, it is not inter-religion wedding. But the groom's mom and dad are praying in different ways. Even though the parent is in inter-religion family but they do not want their son marrying someone from different religion (i heard this from their relatives - i'm not sotoy or assuming, i heard the fact). 

I am not going to assume anything based on this post. I just want to share my experiences related to pacaran beda agama. 

I might continue to the 3rd part or not.

Peace Take Carre Good Luck

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